Kink Ideal Bar Ends

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Available in two different sizes, the Ideal barends give you some unique options. The standard size 31mm barends give you full sized, traditional barend and grip coverage. The smaller 22.2mm size however, gives you just the barend, which means your grip will actually cover up the barend. This is great for catching barspins or grabbing the end of your bars, since the barends will be fully covered by the soft rubber of your grips. Both sizes use a simple and lightweight three piece wedge design, that install with a common 6mm allen key.


Weight per pair: 22mm 0.65oz / 31mm 0.9oz
Available in two sizes, small 22.2mm and traditional 31mm.
Small size stays hidden under the grip and is extra hand-friendly for bar spins.
Standard size is a traditional diameter and protects the grip end.
Made from long lasting 7075-T6 aluminum.
Simple installation with 6mm allen key.