Maxima 80-85932 BIO Wash - 32 oz. Bottle

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  • User friendly Formula cleanly washes from the surface. Be a responsible downstream user - ECO friendly Formula is non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Powerful cleaning action on dirt & oil
  • Special additives protect aluminum, Magnesium and other alloys
  • Maxima BIO Wash is a unique, biodegradable all-purpose cleaner allowing you to safely and easily clean your equipment
  • Fast-acting cleaning agents lift away dirt while scrubbing grime and oil based deposits
  • Specially engineered surfactants, lower surface tension allowing better penetration and wetting of soils
  • Tough on dirt, yet BIO Wash is gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces including paint, plastic, chrome, anodizing, rubber, carbon fiber and almost anything you throw at it
  • Advanced micro chemistry protects aluminum, magnesium and other alloys