Tioga FASTR-X Folding Tire (Various Sizes)

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Versatile premium tire for demanding riders in search of performance. In this X version, the FASTR tire features strategically placed additional streaks, which maximize the efficiency of power transfer on acceleration.

Fastr's ultra-efficient design unifies speed with control like no other tire.
Ultra-low rolling resistance thanks to a smooth central tread.
An ingenious and patent-pending (patent-pending) Grip-Pod system that stays out of the way, minimizing momentum loss, while becoming fully alive to maintain control when pushing into the corners. FASTR is faster precisely for what is there and what is not

Increased strategic positioning of Grip-Pods for multi-faceted Nano Knobs on the shoulder and sides, with chemical etching improving friction on the central tread, FASTR-X reaches the rarefied balance of speed and control like never before.

Rod: Wire
TPI: 60

Front and rear mounting.