Sinz Square Tapered Bottom Brackets (Junior And Pro)


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Spec Level And Length

The Sinz Square Tapered Bottom Brackets are available in 2 spec levels which are Junior and Pro with two sizes in each which are 108mm and 113mm. 

The Junior model features a steel body, alloy cups, and chromoly spindle. 

The Pro model features a carbon body, hollow chromoly spindle, and alloy cups. 

Of the two sizes, the 113mm is the most common. The 108mm brings the cranks in closer to the frame and is typically used on smaller frames or with cranks that have a lot of “offset” in the arm.


Junior 108mm (w/bolts):  9.15oz 
Junior 113mm (w/bolts):  9.7oz 

Pro 108mm (w/bolts):  8.4oz
Pro 113mm (w/bolts):  8.65oz