Profile Racing Chromoly Flush Mount Crank Bolts


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Bolt Style

Chromoly Flush Mount Crank Bolts come in 3 sizes: A. The 3/8 x 24 thd version for solid axle crank sets, B.The Gun Drilled Hollow M12 x 1.25 thd version for our GDH axle crank sets, and C. The 7/16 x 20 thd version for the old solid SS Crank axle.

-Includes two (2) crank bolts and (2) flush aluminum washers.

-GDH bolts should not be used to pull on your crank arms. For crank arm installation, please use the proper GDH crank tool.

Weight(per set of two):
-19mm Solid 3/8″ x 24thd flush bolts- 36g/1.26 oz
-GDH M12 x 1.25 thd flush bolts- 42g/1.47 oz
-SS Solid 7/16″ x 20thd flush bolts- 56g/1.99 oz